Employment Screening

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND SEARCHES -CLEARS Inc. always uses what we call “direct sourcing.” That is, we directly search the governmental agency’s records, either through the agency’s official database or by an agent physically examining the records at the storage site. We offer, but never rely solely on a private, proprietary database; we consider proprietary databases useful as a supplement to actual searches, but not reliable enough to be the only source. We recommend that you ask any provider you contemplate doing business with specific questions about the source(s) of their data.

Everything You Need to Know About Criminal Records

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TRACE-This is a very useful initial check. This verifies that the number provided by the applicant was issued by the Social Security Administration and that it is not listed in the files of the deceased. It provides (1) current and previous addresses associated with that social security number, (2) all names associated with that number, and (3) age, employment and salary history, if available. It helps confirm that the applicant is who he or she says they are.

AIM SEARCH-This is a proprietary database which performs the same purpose as the Social Security Number Trace, and which we now recommend using instead. It introduces additional databases and “casts a wider net” to obtain prior address data. We are able to offer it for less-so you get more for less investment.

DRIVING RECORD-No one should drive in the course of your business unless you have previously obtained this. This should NOT be restricted to driving jobs. The question should be “Will this person ever have occasion to drive in connection with the job?” Driving records can show arrests and convictions for driving while intoxicated, a history of reckless behavior, and whether the license is, in fact, valid. This check may uncover applicants with substance abuse and other behavioral problems. We also recommend that a prudent employer should have driving record checks performed annually.

EMPLOYMENT CREDIT CHECK-Credit reports indicate how responsibly the applicant has handled financial matters by exposing excessive debt, lawsuits, etc. These reports are particularly indicated when the position involves handling money or bookkeeping, or for executive positions. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act places certain mandatory requirements on the use of these, but CLEARS Inc. will assist your company in assuring compliance. We do not give legal advice, but we can provide you with forms tailored to comply with the FCRA, and copies of the guidelines issued by the federal agencies.

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION CLAIMS HISTORY-Some people make a living off claims; others apply for jobs requiring physical exertion when they know they are susceptible to injury or reinjury. You have a right to protect your company. Note: under the Americans with Disabilities Act, these can only be ordered after a conditional job offer has been made, however, that doesn’t make them useless. If this report makes it clear that the applicant has lied on his or her application, or is physically unable to do the job, the offer can be withdrawn.

MULTI-STATE CRIMINAL DATABASE SEARCH-This is a powerful tool and the closest thing in existence to a “national” criminal records search. Criminal records from 44 states are included, with varying degrees of currency.

VERIFICATIONS-We can and do perform employment verifications, licensing verifications, and educational verifications. Pricing will depend on such things as the nature of the services and expected volume, and can be negotiated.

NATIONAL SEX OFFENDER SEARCH-We automatically run this on every name we are checking for any purpose. This database is maintained by the U.S. Department of Justice and now has records for ALL 50 states.