Even most employers who do hire employment background screening companies usually do their own employment verification, reference checking and educational verification (although most don’t actually do education verification).

Most are unaware of operations set up specifically to commit fraud on prospective employers, and don’t know how to avoid them.  Here are some sites to look at (you’ll find these to be eye-openers).



The first, careerexcuse.com, helps desperate job applicants make up phony job histories including their “employer” name, dates of employment, job title and more.  Then they provide a phone number where someone answers to the made up company name and provides a fake verification of employment or reference.  They also do fake landlord references.

The companies described in the second link are diploma mills, which are mostly online entities that offer substandard or bogus degrees in exchange for payment and not much else.  Often these entities will grant a “degree” based on the submission of a resume detailing life experience, and will even let the applicant choose their own subject and year of graduation.  Others might require the student to do some work, but because of the lack of recognized accreditation or authorization to grant degrees, their certificates are worthless.

Some unaccredited institutions are honest about their lack of accreditation.  However, there are others which will fabricate legitimate-sounding accrediting bodies in an attempt to make their qualifications look genuine.

We validate contact information for each employer and school prior to calling on them.  Our process includes the use of a reverse lookup of the provided phone number and a search by company name, city and state on Manta, or Secretary of State directories, and as necessary the Accurint database maintained by LexisNexis.  Outfits whipping up fake business names and numbers are not likely to get those names listed in legitimate business databases such as these.

A determined fraudster with enough time and money can create the appearance of a legitimate company but these guys are not charging enough to go to that kind of trouble.

Making a determined effort to independently validate contact information for each and every verification and reference entrusted to us is just part of an overall approach we take to ensuring the accuracy of the results we obtain.  Should you like more information about the practices we follow, just give us a call.

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